As you may know, Governor-elect Murphy recently named key staff members and announced cabinet officials.  He also named a number of NJ SEED members to key transition committees and subcommittees. As the transition team begins to review and craft policy recommendations that will guide the next four years and beyond, it is essential for NJ SEED to have an active voice in the process. NJ SEED stands as a resource for policymakers and strives to offer balanced and feasible solutions.


Murphy plans to tackle the following:

  • Stop diverting billions of dollars from NJ Transit’s capital budget – it should be used to make essential investments to expand service.

  • Restart the ARC tunnel project.

  • NJ Transit won federal approval to install modern safety technology in 2010, but the technology has not yet been implemented.

  • Following the derailment that set off a series of massive delays from New York Penn Station, Murphy convened a roundtable of transportation experts, transit union leaders, and commuter advocates to solicit their thoughts on how to fix NJ Transit.


Murphy calls for a series of immediate steps to provide near-term commuter relief:


  • Appointing an Emergency Manager to re-convene a working relationship with Amtrak — a relationship that currently is broken — around issues at Penn Station, as well as coordinate with various state and federal agencies, including the Port Authority.

  • Undertake an immediate capital and personnel audit of NJ Transit to understand the true needs of the agency.

  • Hold Amtrak accountable on repairs to ensure that no hour in which tracks are closed is wasted and disruptions are minimized disruptions, including requiring work to be done during off-hours and through holiday weekends.

  • Undertake a long-term reform effort to fundamentally rebuild NJ Transit and ensure the creation of new infrastructure needed to make the system sustainable and reliable.

  • Restore operating assistance for NJ Transit. Gov. Christie’s budget cuts have required NJ Transit to either raid its capital fund or raise fares to pay for operating expenses. Further, NJ Transit is overly reliant on fares — 57% of the operating budget is funded by fares, which have increased 36% under the Christie Administration.

  • Work with New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation and federal and regional officials to secure funding for the Gateway Tunnel Project and the Port Authority Bus Terminal among other critical infrastructure investments.

  • Ensure NJ Transit’s board has commuter representation to better allow the agency to respond to consumer concerns.

  • Expedite implementation of safety measures, including Positive Train Control automatic braking technology, to guarantee long-range passenger safety.

Regarding infrastructure, Murphy will look to:

  • Complete Gateway and fight for every federal transportation dollar.

  • Distribute TTF projects based on need, not politics.

  • Start a public bank that will assist towns with small-scale infrastructure projects.

  • Increase oversight of the Turnpike, NJ Transit, and the Port Authority.

  • Increase state investment to lower the burden on consumers.


Discussion Question: In addition to items mentioned above, what NJ SEED supported transportation issues should NJ SEED bring to the attention of the Murphy Administration?

Discussion Question: To date, Governor-elect Murphy has not significantly addressed water issues. How can NJ SEED bring its proposals relative to water quality and supply to the attention of the incoming administration?

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