Policy Issues Areas

The following is an archive of NJ SEED State and Federal Briefing Books.  These books are a compilation of NJ SEED issues generated by the NJ SEED Policy Committees and is a road map to NJ economic success with environmental responsibility.

2018 Transportation

2018 Economic Development

2018 Environment

2018 Energy

2017 Economic Development Policy Document

2017 Energy Policy Document

2017 Environmental Policy Document

2017 Transportation Policy Document

2016 Economic Development Policy Document

2016 Energy Policy Document

2016 Environment Policy Document

2016 Transportation Policy Document

2015-2016 State Issue Briefing Book

2015 Congressional Issues Briefing Book

2013-2014 State Issue Briefing Book

2012-2013 State Issue Briefing Book

2011-2012 State Issue Briefing Book

2010-2011 State Issue Briefing Book

2010 Congressional Briefing Book

2009-2010 State Issue Briefing Book

2009 Congressional Briefing Book

2008-2009 State Briefing Book

2007-2008 State Briefing Book

2006-2007 State Briefing Book