As you may know, Governor-elect Murphy recently named key staff members and announced cabinet officials.  He also named a number of NJ SEED members to key transition committees and subcommittees. As the transition team begins to review and craft policy recommendations that will guide the next four years and beyond, it is essential for NJ SEED to have an active voice in the process. NJ SEED stands as a resource for policymakers and strives to offer balanced and feasible solutions.


Murphy promises to will look to:

  • Develop a plan for New Jersey to eventually reach 100% carbon-free electricity.

  • Make electric vehicles and charging stations a priority (increase access and affordability).

  • Stop the practice of diverting constitutionally-dedicated open space funding away from its intended purpose.

  • Immediately stopping the raid of the Clean Energy Fund to increase funding for energy efficiency programs.

  • Prioritizing port infrastructure projects that reduce diesel emissions and related adverse health impacts in ports.

  • Releasing and using the comprehensive cumulative impact analysis tool to inform state programs, project future needs.

Water Infrastructure:

  • Launch a high-profile “Clean Water” campaign to promote awareness and action among the public and elected and appointed officials on issues including lead contamination in drinking water, aging infrastructure, and combined sewer overflows.

  • By partnering with local officials, ensure effective combined sewer overflow plans are developed and implemented.

  • Help water utilities finance infrastructure upgrades to modernize aging water systems and ensure cost-effective operations and maintenance.

  • Launch a public process to recommend statewide policies and programs to ensure water and sewer services are affordable to all ratepayers.

  • Enact legislation that permits the establishment of local and regional stormwater utilities and subsequent revenue generation to support infrastructure and management.

Discussion Question: Which, if any, of the above proposals can and should NJ SEED support? If any objections to specific proposals, why.


Please submit your issues and any accompanying information to info@njseed.org.