The information below is taken from Murphy campaign publications.  These are issues that NJ SEED is considering taking a position on for the incoming Murphy Administration.  Staff will process these items, and items submitted by submissions from NJ SEED members, into a lightweight policy document per reflecting NJ SEED committee (Economic Development, Energy, Environment and Transportation) analysis and positions to be presented to the incoming Governor and his Administration.


Prioritizing investment in resilient electric grid infrastructure, such as smart grids, micro-grids, and advanced metering.

Electrifying transportation to cut emissions, which represents 40% of NJ’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Economic growth and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. Murphy claims to recognize that a clean environment is vital to NJ’s future and economic growth. He promises to work to build a green economy by:

  • Providing green financing, by using RGGI proceeds to capitalize green financing programs administered through the state’s public bank, which will provide low-interest loans for green projects in our communities.

  • Creating green jobs through investments in offshore wind, energy efficiency, solar, and alternative fuel vehicles.

  • Supporting innovation and R&D in higher education.

Murphy promises a renewed emphasis on environmental justice by:

  • Establishing community solar to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the opportunities that clean energy provides, regardless of where they live.

  • Incentivizing use of clean energy and the electrification of our ports to reduce emissions.

Discussion Question:  Which, if any, of the above proposals can and should NJ SEED support? If any objections to specific proposals, why?

Please submit your issues and any accompanying information to