11/07/18-Power Grid Found To Be Reliable But Future Possible Risks Are Identified

Power Grid Found To Be Reliable But Future Possible Risks Are Identified

November 2, 2018 | njspotlight.com

The nation’s largest power grid (PJM) can withstand extended periods of stressed conditions and remain reliable, according to an industry study examining the resiliency of the system providing electricity to 65 million people. The release of the year-long study comes at a time when the issue of reliability is hotly debated at the national and state levels, including in New Jersey where regulators are studying whether nuclear power plants here deserve significant ratepayers’ subsidies to avert their early closing.

NJSEED welcomes the report and calls for continued studies and cost-effective solutions to address long-term risks.

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Gas Utility Figures To Spend More Than $500M To Replace 300 Miles Of Old Pipes

November 1, 2018 | njspotlight.com

Elizabethtown Gas proposes a big overhaul of its distribution system, parts of which are more than a century old. The filing with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is the latest by utilities in the state, which have ramped up capital spending to modernize an aging gas distribution system. The filing adds more work for a BPU facing an ever-increasing workload as the state’s utilities address the aging and deteriorating services infrastructure.

NJ SEED applauds Elizabethtown Gas for joining other utilities in actively addressing NJ’s aging infrastructure and calls on the BPU to gear up to expedite approval for long overdue utility work.

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11/07/18-NJ Senate Approves Bill to Ban Fracking Waste

NJ Senate Approves Bill to Ban Fracking Waste

October 30, 2018 | njbiz.com

The state Senate approved a measure (S678) to ban the disposal of waste from the controversial natural-gas drilling process hydraulic fracturing (otherwise known as fracking) within New Jersey’s state borders.  The bill would prohibit treatment, discharge, disposal, application to roadway, or storage of wastewater, wastewater solids, sludge, drill cuttings or other byproducts from natural gas exploration or production using hydraulic fracturing.  S678 now moves to the Assembly where an identical bill (A1329) is in the Environment and Solid Waste Committee.

NJ SEED is not opposed to fracking as a means of capturing large stores of natural gas. Members are concerned, however, that studies have revealed that chemicals in fluids used in and created by hydraulic fracking were found to have been linked to reproductive and developmental health problems. Perhaps instead of an overly broad and far-reaching ban, standards for treatment of waste from fracking would be a more reasonable approach. 

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10/23/18 – NJPP report condemns “one-shot gimmicks” in 2019 “missed opportunity” budget

NJPP report condemns “one-shot gimmicks” in 2019 “missed opportunity” budget

October 23, 2018 | njbiz.com

The state’s 2019 budget spelled an “opportunity lost” because of its lack of long-term, sustainable revenue and its reliance on “one-shot gimmicks,” says the liberal think tank New Jersey Policy Perspective.NJ SEED observes that NJ has a long tradition of balancing budgets with one-shot gimmicks and is not likely to cease doing so.

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