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NJ SEED is a unique coalition of New Jersey’s most prominent labor and business organizations. For more than 35 years, our diverse membership which includes labor and business groups, energy providers, environmental consultants, telecommunications firms, residential and commercial development interests, insurance firms, educators, police and firefighters, food manufacturers and retailers, water utilities, chemical industries,
pharmaceutical companies, and health care advocates. We are committed to the belief that economic growth and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive.




6/18/19-Murphy Administration’s Energy Master Plan Released Draft Energy Master Plan Maps NJ’s Journey to Clean & Green 2050

Murphy Administration’s Energy Master Plan Released Draft Energy Master Plan Maps NJ’s Journey to Clean & Green 2050

June 11, 2019 | njspotlight.com 

Last Monday (6c/10/19) the Murphy administration unveiled its draft Energy Master Plan, a long-awaited roadmap detailing how the state will transition to a clean-energy economy and achieve steep reductions in global-warming pollution within three decades.

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NJ SEED: The Draft EMP sets forth an ambitious agenda for NJ to transition to “clean energy” by eliminating fossil fuel derived energy by 2050. The plan abandons NJ SEED’s long-held position that calls for a balanced approach to energy supply utilizing a mix of all available energy sources to meet the demands of a healthy and growing economy. It is worth noting that while the Draft EMP is long on rhetoric and goals, it avoids serious discussion of the costs related to transforming the state from fossil fuel dependency to other sources such as wind. As usual, there are those who argue that the draft EMP doesn’t go far enough to eliminate reliance on fossil fuels.

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6/18/19-New Jersey Shipyards to Receive $1M in Upgrades

New Jersey Shipyards to Receive $1M in Upgrades

June 13, 2019 | njbiz.com 

Democratic U.S. Sens. Bob Menendez and Cory Booker announced a total of $1,056,515 in federal grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation to upgrade two shipyards in New Jersey.

NJ SEED agrees with Senator Booker who said, “New Jersey’s shipyards are important parts of our nation’s maritime industry, driving significant economic investments and creating jobs.”

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6/18/19-Lawmakers Want Facts on One-Seat Ride to NYC for Raritan Line

Lawmakers Want Facts on One-Seat Ride to NYC for Raritan Line

June 17, 2019 | njspotlight.com 

With even limited direct service to Manhattan now suspended, the push is on to get answers from NJ Transit on when it’s going to upgrade ‘the forgotten line’
A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants to make New Jersey Transit formally study the feasibility of establishing direct rail service into New York City on the Raritan Valley Line, arguing that a one-seat ride would provide the region served by the busy line a big economic boost.

NJ SEED: The Coalition has long supported efforts to improve the quality of transportation for the many thousands of New Jerseyans who daily commute to and from NY City.

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6/18/19- Legislators Move to Fine-Tune Law for Cleanup of Contaminated Sites

 Legislators Move to Fine-Tune Law for Cleanup of Contaminated Sites

June 13, 2019 | njspotlight.com 

The Legislature is working to fine-tune what some regard as one of the state’s most successful environmental initiatives: the cleaning up by licensed professionals of abandoned industrial sites and other locations contaminated by discharge of hazardous waste.

NJ SEED: For decades NJ has worked to clean up sites containing hazardous waste. With more than 13,000 sites still to be addressed efforts to speed up the process should be welcome.

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6/11/19-New Jersey Shaves Bonded Debt but Remains Among Most Indebted States

New Jersey Shaves Bonded Debt but Remains Among Most Indebted States

June 3, 2019 | njspotlight.com 

New Jersey recorded a rare reduction last year in the grand total that’s owed to all the state’s bondholders and other investors, but not enough to knock the Garden State out of its standing as one of the nation’s most indebted states.

The latest official accounting of the state’s borrowing was released by the Department of Treasury on Friday, (May 31) and it showed the total bonded debt for New Jersey dropped by nearly $1 billion to $45.16 billion as of the end of fiscal year 2018.

NJ SEED: The coalition holds no specific position on this issue but many members are undoubtedly interested in the state’s debt.

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