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NJ SEED is a unique coalition of New Jersey’s most prominent labor and business organizations. For more than 35 years, our diverse membership which includes labor and business groups, energy providers, environmental consultants, telecommunications firms, residential and commercial development interests, insurance firms, educators, police and firefighters, food manufacturers and retailers, water utilities, chemical industries,
pharmaceutical companies, and health care advocates. We are committed to the belief that economic growth and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive.

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2/19/19-Working With Private Sector to “Torque Up” Municipal Energy Systems

Working With Private Sector to “Torque Up” Municipal Energy Systems

 February 12, 2019 | njspotlight.com 

The state is aiming to promote private-sector investment in energy-related projects at government-owned facilities, a step that could lead to lower energy bills and more resilient infrastructure, according to advocates.

A bill (S-2958) would allow private companies to partner with public entities to upgrade energy-related facilities and even develop new generation systems, including solar, wind, and microgrids. But its primary focus is managing the energy load at these locations more efficiently, cutting use and saving dollars.

NJ SEED finds the proposed legislation to be an interesting approach to providing stability to an unstable situation. It is vital to manage the energy load at government-owned facilities and secure the infrastructure.

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2/19/19-More Job Losses Last Year for New Jersey’s Solar Sector — Report Asserts

More Job Losses Last Year for New Jersey’s Solar Sector — Report Asserts

February 13, 2019 | njspotlight.com  

The state lost 696 solar industry jobs in 2018, dropping the total employment in New Jersey’s solar industry to 6,410, according to the National Solar Jobs Census by The Solar Foundation. Nationwide, nearly 8,000 jobs were lost, or 3.2 percent of the sector, according to the report. The drop comes at a perilous time for the state’s solar industry, which is facing a retrenchment because a state law enacted last spring mandates the end of the current system of financing for solar installations.

NJ SEED is always concerned when any sector of the NJ economy losses significant numbers of workers.

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2/19/19-Ahead of March’s budget address, 2019 state revenue lags at $16.9 billion

Ahead of March’s budget address, 2019 state revenue lags at $16.9 billion

February 15, 2019 | njbiz.com 

New Jersey is half-way through fiscal year 2019 and according to information released by the state Treasury, revenue receipts are falling behind expectations. Although revenues are up $493.8 million over the same period last year, at this point in time the figure falls short of the 7.5 percent revenue growth called for by the current budget. The present 3 percent revenue gains will leave the state to bridge the gap between its projections and the actual year-to-date collections. Just how that will play out is expected to be discussed during Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget address on March 5.

NJ SEED warned of a budget shortfall weeks ago. As predicted, look for another storm of “Jersey Lighting” that often occurs during “lame duck” sessions.

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2/19/19- ‘Green’ Groups Ask Gov. Murphy for Moratorium on New Fossil-Fuel Infrastructure

 ‘Green’ Groups Ask Gov. Murphy for Moratorium on New Fossil-Fuel Infrastructure

February 14, 2019 | njspotlight.com  

An “environmental” coalition reports that if proposed 12 natural-gas projects are built, they would undercut the administration’s goal of 100 percent clean energy by 2050. With a dozen natural-gas projects pending in New Jersey, a coalition of environmental groups stepped up calls yesterday for Gov. Phil Murphy to declare a moratorium on building any new fossil-fuel infrastructure.

NJ SEED has long advocated a balanced mix of sources to meet NJ’s growing energy needs. We wonder if, without truly knowing that it is realistic for the state to achieve fossil-fuel independence some 30 or more years in the future (when today’s politicians cannot be held accountable), is it wise to abandon what may be an important mix of energy sources?

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2/12/19 – Power Execs Press Electric Grid Operator For Help on Revenues

Power Execs Press Electric Grid Operator For Help on Revenues

 February 5, 2019 | njspotlight.com 

In a recent letter to the PJM Board of Managers, the chief executive officers of three major energy companies concern about the slow pace of progress in deciding significant changes in how energy prices are established within the nation’s largest power grid. Companies have been lobbying for reforms to raise what they say are depressed prices that threaten the viability of nuclear plants.

NJ SEED recognizes that NJ’s nuclear power plants are an essential part of the state’s energy generation. The opportunity to raise utility rates is the result of legislation enacted last spring by the Murphy Administration that creates the potential for ratepayer subsidies in order to keep nuclear plants viable.

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