logoThe New Jersey Society for Environmental, Economic Development (NJ SEED) was born during the recession of the early 1970s. The New Jersey business community was frustrated with a seemingly unending stream of environmental laws and regulations that stifled growth. New Jersey’s labor leaders were frustrated with the continuing decline of manufacturing and with the lack of incentives to create job growth, especially in the private sector.

Today, NJ SEED continues to be the leading voice in New Jersey for environmental balance and economic growth. Issues such as maintaining our state’s vital transportation infrastructure and its all-important port facilities, seeking to create a more efficient regulatory process, strengthening our essential telecommunications industry and providing for our security in these threatening times continue to be the focus of NJ SEED.

Transportation, Energy & Economic Development Committees Identify Policy Priorities

NJSEED Briefing Pic 1The Transportation Committee met Friday, April 8 and identified the following issues as the top policy priorities to be discussed at NJ SEED’s Congressional Briefing on May 17-18:

  • Recognition of the approved Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act
  • Gateway Tunnel Project with a focus on rail and transit
    Ports as they relate to freight, goods, security and infrastructure
  • Distracted Driving

The Energy Committee met today, April 11 and found the following policy areas toNJSEED Briefing Ad Pic 2 be the most important to speak with congressional members about:

  • Energy infrastructure – i.e. pipelines, electronic transmissions lines and grids
  • Reducing air emissions, clean power plants and the unique role of nuclear in New Jersey
  • Cost of energy and its effects on the NJSEED Briefing Ad Pic 3economy

Additionally, the Economic Development Committee met today and proposed the following policy priorities:

  • Technology infrastructure/innovation including cyber security and net neutrality
  • Tax reform
  • Resiliency Infrastructure
  • Economic and job growth investments such as workforce development

Thank you Teamsters Joint Council #73 for sponsoring the 2016 NJSEED Congressional Briefing

Thank you Teamsters Joint Council #73 for sponsoring the 2016 NJSEED Congressional Briefing Teamsters


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