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NJ SEED is a unique coalition of New Jersey’s most prominent labor and business organizations. For more than 35 years, our diverse membership which includes labor and business groups, energy providers, environmental consultants, telecommunications firms, residential and commercial development interests, insurance firms, educators, police and firefighters, food manufacturers and retailers, water utilities, chemical industries,
pharmaceutical companies, and health care advocates. We are committed to the belief that economic growth and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive.










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3/19/19- Small Price Blip for ACE (Atlantic City Electric) Customers as BPU Eyes $12B in Rate Increases

Small Price Blip for ACE (Atlantic City Electric) Customers as BPU Eyes $12B in Rate Increases 

March 14, 2019 | njspotlight.com 

Garden State utilities are modernizing the power grid, boosting energy efficiency, looking to roll out electric vehicles — and racking up a sizable tab for their customers.

NJ SEED sees the state as tilting at windmills and thrashing about in efforts to settle on a reliable program that will guarantee adequate, safe and reliable energy to meet the needs of residential ratepayers and the businesses that employ and serve its citizens.

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3/19/19- Labor opposition to “Green New Deal” Could Be a Big Hurdle

 Labor opposition to “Green New Deal” Could Be a Big Hurdle

March 14, 2019 | washingtonpost.com 

Support for the Green New Deal has become a benchmark for Democrats running for president. But the AFL-CIO throwing (cold) water on the plan complicates matters for Democrats who rely on labor support.

NJ SEED acknowledges that the radical call for a “Green New Deal” will be a major topic in the forthcoming presidential campaign and notes that along with concerns raised by the employer community, our partners in organized labor are weighing in with their misgivings.

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3/19/19- Do We Really Need, or Want, the ‘Utility of The Future’?

Do We Really Need, or Want, the ‘Utility of The Future’?

 March 8, 2019 | njspotlight.com 

Recent discussion about and promotion of the utility of the future raises interesting questions. Few would argue that a regulated rate of return provides the best alternative for sustaining critical infrastructure in a natural monopoly like transmission and distribution (T&D), but is including efficient energy end-use conversion under a regulated framework the best way to coax innovation and lower consumer costs from an evolving industry? More importantly, is it the best way to ensure the future safety and adequacy of our critical power-delivery infrastructure?

NJ SEED is sharing this thought-provoking opinion piece by Fred Fastiggi, Principal and Managing Director of Shoreline Energy Advisors, LLC, because it adds an interesting perspective as NJ seeks to find the most appropriate means (or combination of means) to address the state’s present and future energy needs.  

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3/13/19-Report finds New Jersey among top US markets for life sciences sector

Report finds New Jersey among top US markets for life sciences sector

 March 6, 2019 | njbiz.com 

A new report from commercial real estate firm CBRE reveals the U.S. life sciences industry and the real estate that it inhabits is gaining momentum and has positioned various industry hubs – including New Jersey – for continued growth. CBRE’s report focuses on the human life-sciences industry that encompasses manufacturing, testing and research-and-development work in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

NJ SEED acknowledges that NJ has long been a leader in health, pharmaceutical, and life science industries and is greatly encouraged by the CBRE report that suggests the state will continue to be a national leader in this vital sector of the economy.                                               

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